Takeover Records

Standing out in an oversaturated industry, Takeover Records takes pride in being on the cutting edge of today’s music scene. The label, started by former Yellowcard guitarist Benjamin Harper, was initially created as a way to release early material from the violin-infused band. Though Takeover’s catalog began with Yellowcard’s first three albums (Midget Tossing in 1997, Where We Stand in 1999 and the Still Standing EP in 2000), the label has since expanded its roster to include everything from straight-up punk to melodic piano rock. With nearly a decade of existence, Takeover Records has utilized extensive media collaborations, internet/street marketing, and the wildly popular “Sign My Band” contest to successfully broaden its horizons. Now, as an established force on the music landscape, the label continues to deliver innovative, new music to the masses.

His Name Was Iron

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