TKO Records

Since their beginnings in San Francisco in 1997, TKO Records has released a non-stop barrage of raw, uncompromising Punk Rock. Early releases from now-mainstays in the U.S. Punk scene like ONE MAN ARMY, DROPKICK MURPHYS, SWINGIN' UTTERS, LOWER CLASS BRATS and U.S. BOMBS quickly cemented TKO Records' status as a reliable and respected source of quality Punk music.

Since then TKO has released music by legendary bands such as COCK SPARRER, ANGELIC UPSTARTS, the BRUISERS, SLAUGHTER & the DOGS, the PARTISANS, the BUSINESS and the REAL KIDS, as well as current stalwarts the STITCHES, the TEMPLARS, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and many many others. As trends change and other labels scramble to cater to the flavor of the week, TKO Records will continue to set the standard in the Punk Rock underground by bringing the true fans the real music that they want.

The Boils, Broken Bottles, Antiseen, The Stitches, The Forgotten, Electric Frankenstein, Smut Peddlers, The Bodies, Complete Control, Lower Class Brats, The Krays, Reducers SF, Beltones, Krum Bums, Channel 3

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