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Interview with Eddie Solis of It’s Casual

Eddie Solis, the main man of It's Casual, reflects on the new album, his homebase of L.A., and his…

Song Premiere: “Matchstick Man” by Seep Away

British hardcore punk band Seep Away releases vitriolic single “Matchstick Man” from upcoming EP.

Top 10 Tunes for September - SoundCloud Playlist

Rebel Noise writer Jen Dan's favorite recent rock, hardcore, post-punk, noise rock, and indie rock tracks.

Veteran punk rock band Propagandhi returns with new video

Renowned Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi drops new video for single off upcoming album.

Word War IX drops snarkbomb music video “Thank God It’s Monday”

The punk rock band delivers an explosively entertaining video about the, ahem…, joys of Mondays at the office.