Dark Miles releases debut single ‘Your Heart Is An Empty Street’ on 19th January

Dark Miles, the solo project of Pedro Lima (a.k.a. Pete Miles), former singer of the band MOSH, released his debut single 'Your Heart Is An Empty Street' on 19th January with an accompanying video 

"Inspired by the likes of Peter Murphy, David Bowie and Depeche Mode, Dark Miles uncovers the essence of freedom on escaping a life of abuse & violence." - Stereostickman Magazine

"Portuguese based Dark Miles brings out Your Heart Is An Empty Street. Written with depth and honesty, this track brilliantly draws you in as you really immerse yourself in its overflow of energy. Although being described as post-grunge, listening to the voice of the lead singer reminds me of the style of Nick Cave, Morrissey and even Sonic Youth." - Darkus Magazine

"Music at its core is meant to transcend the boundaries of emotion and storytelling, and that’s exactly what the debut single from Portugal-based Dark Miles accomplishes. “Your Heart is an Empty Street” is a soul-stirring narrative set against a backdrop of sonic exploration unveiling a poignant expedition through pain on a journey of transformation and resilience." - Mixed Alternative Magazine

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