Rebel Noise strives to be a bastion for truly independent & fiercely iconoclastic music, film, culture and thought. Fearing no genre this commUNITY is passionate about independent music and dedicated to connecting compelling new artists to avid new fans.

We will continue this mission of scouring the dingy dive bars and basement parties to bring you the best underground music as long as we can keep the lights on.



It was 1999 in a sweaty armpit of Los Angeles when this lil’ punk zine first came to life as a Geocities community.

With a shared passion for independent music, outsider art and generally deviant behavior we rallied together to fearlessly cover the underground music scene introducing many to their new favorite band.

It wasn’t long before this group of neighborhood malcontents and delinquents promoting their local bands suddenly expanded to include lots of new friends from across the globe.




John B.



Emily Evans Your name here - Contact us for info
Damon Jen Dan
Rose Eden Sam Lowry
Joe Pugsley Keith Rosson
Lisa Knight Tricia Connelly
Jordan Blum Robert Dean
Janelle Jones Marissa Sendejas
Andre Lozoya Stephen Rafael
Chris Kandravy Larry Lugz esq.
Astra the German Chick HeavenlyDevil
Dodge Mallare Jaime "Jelly" Brown
Ben Simkins (smalltownredemption) VictoryForTheAges
NORK Wish Dormir
Lizz MindLessFool
Christopher "Waxy Buildup" Genest Amanda Bedhead
Mike Villano Billy's Bunker



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