Dwarves guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed’s debut solo album is set for release on June 8.

MVD Audio has announced the debut solo album from HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, the mask-wearing guitar icon of punk legends The Dwarves, 'Sunday School Massacre' for North American distribution on June 8.

HeWhoCanNotBeNamed wrote all the tracks and enlisted the help of top musicians including many former Dwarves members like Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age & The Dwarves), Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves, Candy Now), Andy Selway (KMFDM & The Spittin' Cobras, The Dwarves) and more.

While this is generally a dark, guitar heavy album that Dwarves fans can appreciate, the lyrics invoke an ironic playfulness that invites a wider audience and the high production level gives it a big arena sound. The lyrics and title, Sunday School Massacre, were inspired by HeWhoCanNotBeNamed's experiences as a counselor/teacher with teenagers suffering from mental illness or abuse. Many of the songs were actually written while he was on duty at a residential treatment facility. Some of them were used to teach students in a "school of rock" type music program that he created and directed.


* Happy Suicide

* Machine Boy

* Medication

* Superhero

* Duct Tape Love

* Hate Song

* Toxine

* Sinister Sal

* Wake Up

* Daddy is Dead

* Billy Vs. The Gnomes

* Motorboating

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