Rebel Noise is excited to give an exclusive listen of the debut EP from Portland post hardcore band Unarmed. The PNW group brings together vets of bands such as It Prevails, American Me and Scars of Tomorrow to pen their honest, emotional and larger than life release. Soaked in heavy influences stemming from early 2000’s post hardcore, the 4 tracks are explosive in their emotion and technical playing while holding strong on their perfect blend of hardcore and indie tendencies. 

Unarmed worked with noted producer Ryan Furlott (Piebald, MxPx, It Prevails etc) in Portland throughout 2022 and had the effort mastered by Mike Kalajian (Hopesfall, A Day To Remember). Their single “Home” has a music video on Youtube now and showcases the bands passion and energy better than any article could, go check it out below! 

“One of the most fun and enjoyable experiences we’ve had as a band was making this EP” says guitarist Therron Francis. “Our band is entirely made up of current/former members of It Prevails, which won’t come as a shock if you’ve listened to the EP. There are tinges of IP all over it, which is to be expected, but overall this just feels like a natural progression for us with where we are as individuals and as songwriters. The past few years has been a trying time for so many of us, which really helped fuel what is one of our most honest, cathartic pieces of music we’ve ever written. With this release, we wanted to be more intentional, and I believe that shines through, not just in the music, but it’s in the fine details of the lyrics, it’s in the production, in the artwork and especially our music video. We created something that we feel is special, which seems to have resonated with people so far. We’ve been looking forward to releasing this EP, and we’re eager to play shows and tour in support of it.”


EP Track Listing


The Perfect Summer

You Said

It’s Like That


Aaron Marsh - Drums

Brian Wilson - Guitars

Ian Fike - Vocals / Bass

Therron Francis - Guitars

Listen to Unarmed on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube

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