Punk rock band The Raging Nathans unleash a propulsive and nostalgic single from their new album.

Ohioan punk rock/pop-punk band The Raging Nathans are unleashing their new and third album Oppositional Defiance on July 24th via Rad Girlfriend Records.

The LP was recorded by Matt Yonker (Less Than Jake, Teen Idols) and their first as a four-piece. Dayton-based Josh Goldman (guitar, vocals), Nick Hamby (guitar, vocals), Christian Roerig (bass), and Patrick Cost (drums) bring the speed and dynamics on each track without forgetting the catchy melodies and well-crafted songwriting.

Evolving from their previous album, Cheap Fame, The Raging Nathans have boosted their sound, sharpened up their song structures, and put a range of emotions on full display on their new record.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the propulsive and energetic pop-punker “Where Ya Been?”. Jittery, emphatically smacked drum beats drive the restless pace as the bass line dives and surfaces frenetically.

Guitar lines are warm and rich, and deftly lively and quick, while the vocals are tuneful and nostalgic, focused on the recollection of summer days in the past, replete with uplifting power pop vocal harmonies.



For every pre-order of Oppositional Defiance, listeners will get a free unreleased 7” while supplies last.


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