Formed out of the ashes of both The Catalogs and Crawling Chaos, The Quintessentials have taken Horror Punk to a completely different level—even being featured on The History Channel's documentary 'Hell: the Devil's Domain'!

The Quints have two full-length albums out and are releasing their third, 'Legends from the Grave', November 19, 2005. They have appeared on a number of Hawaiian Express compilations and will appear on the World Horror Network's 'The Horror of it All, Vol. 2' this Halloween.


Les Hernandez: Lead Vox/Lead Guitar; Dallas DeBauch: Drums/Backing Vox; Duane Franklin: Bass/Backing Vox; Nowell K.: Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vox


Honolulu, Hawaii


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Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Misfits, Crimpshrine, The Queers, GBH, Vindictives, Sloppy Seconds, Samhain, Connie Dungs, Dark Duneral, Emperor, Venom, Motorhead, The Shangri-Las, Riverdales, Circle Jerks


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