Captain Oi! is a punk rock and Oi! record label based in High Wycombe, England. The company has released over 300 albums by many notable punk and Oi! bands of the late 1970s and 1980s. The label was set up by Mark Brennan, former bassist of The Business, who had previously co-run Link Records and the Dojo subsidiary of Castle Records. Brennan's inspiration had been Ace Records, with Captain Oi! targeted at being "the Ace Records of retro punk rock", reissuing material by classic punk bands. The label's remit expanded with the release of newly-recorded albums by bands that fitted in with the style of the label, such as Argy Bargy, and new material by some of the older punk bands including Special Duties and Cockney Rejects.

U.K. Subs, GBH, Infa Riot, Vibrators

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Brand New Age

Sep 9, 2003

Leather Bristles Studs And Acne

Sep 9, 2003

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