GSR has become one of the undisputed leaders of European Hardcore labels in the past 2 years and has seen a tremendous growth proving to be a professional label but with independent ideals.

The label started out in 2000 with a re-release of Born From Pain’s MCD – Immortality. Since that moment on, the label has gone from strength to strength selling more units and releasing more records than the previous year. Building a better and stronger roster of bands, featuring some of the biggest Hardcore bands in the world right down to some of the soon-to-be biggest Hardcore bands in the world.

Late 2003, GSR released the comeback EP of New York’s Madball which received much critical acclaim. The label has also played a big role in the rise of Born From Pain, who signed with Metal Blade Records late 2004 after releasing 2 very successful albums, a MCD and a split MCD on GSR. Since those years wellknown acts like Knuckledust (UK), Backfire! (NL), Arkangel and To Kill (It) found their way to the GSR roster.

However, the label doesn’t only triumph in bringing you some of the most successful bands in Hardcore, but also some of those that are destined to be bigger, such as Make it Count, Final Prayer, The Setup and the list goes on… GSR, by nature, is a Hardcore label. Where some labels seem to create boundaries for themselves and release only one style of Hardcore, GSR is proving itself as an open minded and diverse label which releases bands that play various styles that all fly a Hardcore banner. Crossing all kinds of boarders from Old-School to Metalcore and with some bands showing Punk and Oi! influences, GSR is constantly releasing challenging and diverse bands that push the boundaries to the limit.

GSR has a lot of talent on offer. And with very interesting releases coming up during 2008, the future is definitely bright for the label. GSR has prepared a great foundation that is taking us to the next level and beyond. Besides that, GSR Music also has two other departments in GSR Events and GSR Distro. GSR Events being responsible for our festivals and GSR Distro for our official distribution of GSR releases. These are smaller divisions of the label, but are all about spreading the word of GSR Music, it’s possibilities and it’s flexibility.

GSR Music represents the Hardcore underground with a professional attitude and a sense of true integrity, which makes GSR Music and it’s divisions reliable partners that go beyond the limits of the underground.

With Europe already under siege, its now time for GSR to conquer the world!

GSR Music represents European Capitol Hardcore!


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