Terror .45 Records was founded in 2004 in the faith that the label would provide sanctuary for “Roots” Rock and Roll music. “Roots” music to us is anything stemming from rhythm and blues, weather it be traditional RockaBilly, Psychobilly, Punk Rock, Bluegrass or even Ska. This is music that makes you move and music that carries the spirit of the worker, the hungry, the rejected, the depraved, the American. The purpose of Terror .45 Records is also to provide a platform or a medium for Rock and Roll artists who are exploding with raw, electric emotion through their music and wish to feed the ears of as many music lover as we can possibly reach together. Since the beginning of time the masses have feared people who do things different and fear people who react to the flame within their own soul instead of doing things the way society dictates. This is why we say, “Music That Scares You” because we need music that ignites a reaction, will turn heads and will just simply make people act crazy tell the last note.


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