The Alarm Make A Huge Return With A Larger Than Life Anthemic Album The Alarm
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

80’s rocker Mike Peter’s of The Alarm conquered cancer to bring an album of inspiring tracks to the world on this gigantic sounding new record!

80’s band The Alarm are getting set to release their newest album ‘FORWARDS’ and it’s no wonder that Bono of U2 has previously touted this band as only second to themselves. This is what vintage U2 sounded like at their height. The song “Forwards” starts this epic album in similar fashion to “Where The Streets Have No Name”. Other peers from back in the day consisted of Big Country and Simple Minds, bands known for positive messages and anthemic choruses.

Songs like “The Returning” and “Another Way” seem to speak directly about frontman Mike Peter’s and his battle with leukemia. Parts of the newest album were actually written in the hospital while testing new material out for hospital staff while getting chemotherapy. As Mike has beaten his cancer into remission he turned that into an opportunity to help other cancer patients with a Bed & Breakfast he opened specifically for patients in Wales where they can stay while in treatment, creating the kind of sterile environment that suits their needs.

All of this seems to not have slowed The Alarm down as they have been creating music consistently for 40 years with an amazing amount of success. This new album sounds gigantic and like a return to what a big album should sound like. This is the type of album that can fill an arena. Tracks like “Next” & “Whatever” remain hopeful but are driving rock n’ roll that can get any rock fan singing along. This record has a vibrant youthful passion to it and sounds like a songwriter genuinely in love with music and making the kind of big albums of yesteryear that really spoke to people and endured for decades. From the first minute to the last, every track on ‘FORWARDS’ is energetic and thrilling.

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