Louise Trehy, formerly of the 1990s dream-pop duo Swallow, has reformed as Strata Florida, releasing a blissed-out noise-pop/dream-rock album and video.

Strata Florida is the newest project of Louise Trehy, formerly one half of the 4AD duo Swallow.

Debut album Made Of Stars is only Trehy's second album in twenty years. Swallow's flame flickered bright but brief in the early 1990s, and disillusion after the band’s break up caused Trehy to abandon music altogether. Her creative spark was revitalized after joining a local choir while living in rural Wales; in 2011, she began recording again after meeting guitarist Pete Pavli, and the duo subsequently enlisted drummer Steve Kent. Made Of Stars connects Swallow's satisfying dream-pop style with a more guitar-oriented sound, while Trehy's dreamy vocals remaining the luscious aural attraction.

The less-is-more approach of Made of Stars accentuates Trehy's sensual voice, winning over new listeners whilst delighting those who have waited two decades for a new album. Best of all is the promise of new material; Strata Florida is Trehy's project; satisfied with her work, freed from the pressures and expectations of indifferent record labels and a fickle, cynical press, Trehy exudes a new confidence in herself and her band. Made of Stars proves that Strata Florida is one of 2014's more satisfying musical comebacks.

Louise made a video for lead track "Hang On", which gets an exclusive premiere here:

In Louise's own words about the video: "I suppose "Hang On" represents what Made of Stars is all about - trying to find your identity after the end of a long relationship. It also documents the point where Pavli and I really started to bond with each other musically. We didn’t really have any budget for making a video, but I knew I wanted to use the location where I had composed the songs - during long solitary walks where I lived in rural Wales. 

Pavli had been in a local experimental theatre group who had filmed a performance on the beach some years before. He thought that this film might suit the song; however, there wasn’t really enough of the original material intact. We decided to add some more footage to it, intending to use Super 8 film to fit in with the original. Unfortunately, on the day, I forgot to charge the batteries for the camera so ended up using my iPhone; I then found an app that replicated 8mm film and put the new material through that. Total cost £0.69p."