Orlando pop-punk outfit announce themselves onto the scene in style with their rookie collection, via Manic Kat Records.

Orlando pop-punks A New Violet have unveiled their debut EP, The Heat is Getting Hotter.

Led by Beth Vandal, the Sunshine State alternative rock crew marry delectable hooks with driving guitars and Vandal's immersive lead vocal. The collection marks an impressive entrance onto the scene for the Manic Kat Records outfit.

A New Violet is a new leaf for Beth Vandal. Following her tenure with Summer Day Rescue and That I Am, Vandal made the move to go solo in 2017, releasing 'That I Am' as well as a duo of post-pandemic singles, following a hiatus.

Joining Sean Manvell, Abner Jara and Ryan Ledbetter, Vandal's new project, A New Violet is the coming together of a diverse array of musicians. With hometowns ranging from Chile to Baltimore and influences ranging NOFX to Animals as Leaders, the quartet hone a sharp mix of 90's pop-punk, 00s alternative rock, with a distinctly contemporary execution.

November 2022 single "Runaway" was the first under the A New Violet moniker, with the new album building on a punchy blend of throwback melodic punk, jagged alternative rock edges and a wave of blossoming pop sensibility.

The Heat is Getting Hotter is a statement-making, fist-pumping rookie effort from the Florida natives, who show a cohesive maturity and conviction in their delivery, despite their newcomer status. The record a rambunctious iteration of melodic punk, dressed in both old and new school influence.

A New Violet's debut EP, The Heat is Getting Hotter is out now, on Manic Kat Records.

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