The alternative rockers bring dynamic riffs and scintillating breakdowns to the fore on the new track, whilst addressing heartfelt subject matter

Bridges Ablaze have premiered a new music video, for "Heartbroken Angel"

The Austin based duo burst onto the scene with a series of ambitious and highly dynamic singles, that marry the best of 00s hard/alternative rock and potent metal riffs.

New single "Heartbroken Angel" is a captivating, although deeply moving output from the young duo, which the band's Brien Allen explains: "This song about the aftermath of suicide. It's deeply personal and displays intimate elements of the experience."

Elaborating, Allen shares: "To have someone you care about kill themselves leaves a lasting impact, and this song digs into what that is like to live through. The potential for and gravity of conflicts these experiences can create within people is tremendous."

Bred by an “all-in” passion and a mutual disdain for the status-quo, Austin, Texas’ Bridges Ablaze is the predestined voice for a generation that refuses to be put into a box. The duo, comprised of Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora, doesn’t bend their identity to any one musical style. Rather, they draw from specific influences, ranging from hard rock to alternative metal and beyond, to craft their own sound that is equal parts unique and anthemic.

Bridges Ablaze’s debut single, “Hellbent”, provides a soundscape that blurs the lines between heavy sub-genres in a way that is raw and honest. The Texan duo's rookie release has gone on to stream over 500K times on Spotify, as the band found their form at the first time of asking.

A dazzling cover of 30 Seconds To Mars hit single "The Kill" reiterated Bridges Ablaze's technical prowess, whilst delivering a bold and reimagined take on a seminal track in the genre, with summer anthem "Forever Fallen" showcasing an emphatic brand of modern heavy.

With new single "Heartbroken Angel", the band have unveiled their most vulnerable and raw track to date. Juxtaposing the embattled narrative are soaring injections of melody and rip-roaring breakdowns, as Bridges Ablaze continue to chisel a place for themselves in the modern heavy scene.

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