Download the “Delicious Vinyl Fest” Free Sampler from Suburban Home Records

Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective has put together a nine song free LP compilation featuring their artists for this weekend's big show, The Fest 7. Since the LP is limited to only 1000 copies, which will likely all be gone by the end of the festival, the label has posted the MP3s for download here.

The sampler's track listing:

- Jon Snodgrass "Fast In Last"
- Two Cow Garage "Come Back to Shelby"
- Ghost Buffalo "Indecision"
- The Takers "Drift"
- Austin Lucas "Go West (demo)"
- Mike Hale "Wasn't That You (demo)"
- Josh Small "Waterwings"
- Ninja Gun "Rainbow"
- Drag The River "I Remember Now"