Poughkeepsie, NY alternative rock/emo crew I am The Pilot have unveiled their first new music since 2007, dropping nostalgic anthem “Did You Feel It Too?” via Manic Kat Records.

Sixteen years after the release of their much acclaimed debut record, Crashing into Consciousness, New York alternative rock outfit I am The Pilot have unveiled a new track.

"Did You Feel It Too?" is out now on Manic Kat Records, and lead vocalist Chad Gannon has got fans licking their lips over the prospect of more new music.

Gannon shares: ““Did You Feel It Too?” is the first single off our upcoming, as-of-yet untitled release, set to drop later this year on Manic Kat Records."

"Our first new music in sixteen years “Did You Feel It Too?” is (somewhat ironically) about the changes that have happened to the scene over the last 20 years", the front man continues. "This song is our battle cry announcement that we are back! We hope you enjoy listening to this track as much as we enjoyed creating it together.”

Hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY, alternative-rock quintet I am The Pilot purveys a driving and heart-on-sleeve brand of emo-infused alternative rock. Signing with John Naclerio's Broken English Records in the mid-late 2000's, in the height of the genre's emergence, I am The Pilot's Crashing Into Consciousness marries cascading guitars and soaring melodies, with Chad Gannon's explosive lead vocal steering the record through turbulent and heart-wrenching turns.

I am The Pilot have supported an array of genre icons, including Chiodos, Matchbook Romance and Bayside, with coverage from Direct TV's "The 101" also propelling the band to attention beyond state lines. Despite the Crashing Into Consciousness pre-dating the Facebook and Spotify era, the record racked up 250,000 streams on MySpace at the mid-00's.

Having reformed for the re-release of Crashing Into Consciousness in 2019, the COVID years saw the band take stock and a reshuffle culminated in two of the founding members, Chad Gannon and Todd Ross spearheading the next generation of I am The Pilot.

Returning to the studio with a new lease of life, the two quickly rekindled their chemistry from over a decade and a half prior. With new single "Did You Feel It Too?", I am The Pilot have honed the subsequent nostalgia or the reunion, whilst delivering a distinctly modern iteration of alternative rock, the grunge-laced emo tones and driving guitars vitalizing Gannon's lead vocal deftly.

With more new music arriving later this year, I am The Pilot have delivery a mouth watering appetiser with new track, "Did You Feel It Too?", out now on Manic Kat Records.

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