Canada’s Dammit Goldie take inspiration from the bravery of Ukraine, whilst marrying post-hardcore and alternative rock on new single “Bad Human.”

Canadian rockers Dammit Goldie have unveiled their new single, "Bad Human". The Canadian four flip the rule book on it's head with a dark and dynamic soundscape, injecting their unique brand of alternative rock with punk and post-hardcore influences.

Scintillating guitars and potent percussion underpin a frenetic track, inspired by the senseless violence in Ukraine. Vocalist Josh Smith shares: "The lyrics were inspired by a quote from a Ukrainian woman directed towards a Russian soldier. The quote 'Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here', can be heard paraphrased within the verses of the song. We aren't a political band, but that quote was just so inspiring that it instantly caught Josh's attention and forced his pen to paper."

Since the release of 2020's "Low Then Up", Hamilton, ON quartet Dammit Goldie have refused to be constrained by genre walls, only by the bounds of their own creativity.

With gritty punk rock vocals, nostalgic grunge tones and progressive guitar work, Dammit Goldie hone a dexterous array of music backgrounds and marry them with aplomb. Starting out primarily in the pop-punk space, Dammit Goldie's horizons have grown, and their lexicon has moved to incorporate heavier elements, to impressive effect.

2023 commenced with the release of the barnstorming "Medusa", with the band delivering a resonating anthem that nods to post-hardcore and captivates with a gripping and atmospheric delivery.

Experiencing line-up changes, but no reduction to their intensity, new single "Bad Human." is a poignant and thoughtful offering lyrically, with a vivacious and unnerving aesthetic. Indeed, Dammit Goldie continue to excel at the juxtaposition of heavy and melodic, setting a dramatic backdrop to their frank, relatable stories.

alternative rock hardcore punk