The Pittsburgh rockers bring a fun but introspective brand of emo=laced pop-punk on the new track

Old Neon may be a fresh name to some, but the East Coast rockers look set to be a bright new light in the alternative scene, with their assured, hook-laden brand of modern indie/punk.

Their gripping and unerringly relevant new single, "Keep Your Misery" is another impressive offering from the band, with vocalist Drew Sipos explaining: "Keep Your Misery is about how limited our time is on Earth and how important it is to not waste that time on relationships that don’t give you what you want."

Sipos continues: "Sometimes it’s better for everyone to just walk away so we can make room for the people and things that make it all worth while. It’s urging you to go live your life while you can because for all we know, maybe this is all there is."

Old Neon have quickly established themselves as one of Pittsburgh's hottest exports, fusing intricate indie rock with 2010's shaded emo and infectious pop punk sensibilities.

The Steel City outfit have shown both graft and craft, with a consistent output of new music since their debut single "Highlights". The track featured on 2023's debut album Can't Fucking Wait, alongside the the anthemic "Warmer Weather" and thoughtful "Jumpstart".

Having just been announced for Four Chord Music Festival this summer, Old Neon join a stacked bill including Something Corporate, A Day To Remember and The All American Rejects. With new single "Keep Your Misery", they show why they're deserving of such esteemed company.

The track is 2024's first taste of the quintet's gilt-edged sonic offerings; an immersive, cathartic display of modern alternative, with slick guitars and glistening hooks, cutting through the grounded emo tones.

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