Mexican alternative-rock band is currently touring on The West Coast. You may know Margaritas Podridas after their self-titled debut album full of shoeze and physcedela. Emerging from grunge scene in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Carolina Enriquez (bass/vocals), Esli Meuly (guitar), Alfonso Lopez (guitar/drums), and Rafael Armenta (guitar/drums) has combined combine furiousness of grunge with the shoegaze soundscapes with what they've been doing ever since.

Commenging on the current tour, Carolina Enriques told Rebel Noise:

The tour is going beautifully, we have been playing around all the cool cities we’ve always wanted to visit. It’s cold as fuck but we’re very happy we’ve made a lot of friends and visited cool places that hold a lot of history. We’ve been sleeping on random couches, carpets and one night in the car, ihop breakfasts save the day, people who buy merch and give us tips are the ones keeping us alive.

Be sure to catch up the band on the rest of their US dates: April 7th – Seattle, WA @ Substation | April 8th – Bellingham, WA @ Bluebird | April 9th/10th – San Francisco @ The Knockout   

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