Oliver Shaw has released his third album ‘A Beginners Guide To Dystopia’

Oliver Shaw, a singer songwriter/poet who hails from London, released his third album, A Beginners Guide To Dystopia, on all major digital formats on the 26th of January.

It has some timeless guitar driven ballads such as 'Truth Only Hurts The Liars' and 'Ronald Ray Gun', mixed with some experimental alternative post punk songs. There is even an electronica track, 'Sexless Apprentice', which started life pre-recording of the album as a spoken word poem, and some very heartfelt acoustic songs that help to gel the album together such as 'Sick' and 'Amelie'.

The album is very lyric driven in style, which Oliver describes as his open diary, drawing from personal experiences that immerse the record with not only a touching dark reality but also gives it a very uplifting sense of purpose.