The U.S. government has no rights, but plenty of power. Rights and liberties belong to the people; these are inherit powers (powers that we are born with and cannot be taken away). Our only obligation to our government, as legal citizens, is if and when a draft is instated we are to serve. Though service is only required from males, U.S. forces are composed of both sexes. In fact the number of women working for the nation's defense has grown exponentially from year to year since 2000.

Women are showing more strength, talent, and skills and becoming recognized for it. There are all female bands in different scenes gathering large followings. There are more women gaining power in white-collar careers. Women have rights.

There are a number of reasons why a woman would join the forces. Many of them are exactly the same reasons a male would join. She wants to fight for her county; the county she loves. She needed the money to put herself through school. She wanted to prove herself.

She can't fight if she's pinned down with a knee. Her arms are stretched above her head; held together by just one hand. She can't prove anything if he and his friends thoroughly take to her one after the other. No one can hear her. She stops fighting and starts praying to a God she was raised to believe in or one she wanted so badly to exist. The money isn't worth it after that. Her insides burn after they leave her. This wasn't worth it.

Parents are always telling their children to be careful, more so the females. Watch for strangers. Don't follow people you don't know. Don't take certain drinks. Watch what people give you. Avoid certain streets, neighborhoods, and allies. Parents would never expect their daughter to become victim under the service of her county.

A government is the formal institutions through which a land and its people are governed. The land and people are to be controlled. The government has no control over sexual assault. Laws past against it and consequences will never stop another case from occurring.

Women are rising. Women have rights. Women are independent, but there are still such threats out there that stand against them. (This does entirely mean that sexual assault is not a threat to males.)

Women can only continue to be 'more' careful. We have to continue to avoid. If it has taken place then take the steps you need to, to help you. This article has been written in recognition of the recent sexual assault cases involving women in the United States defense, and other victims around the world. Below are links and numbers to assist victims or help you obtain more information on sexual assault. If you have any other helpful links or hotlines for the U.S. or other countries, please post them.

1 (800) 656 - HOPE

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(800) 799-SAFE

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