Ohioan rock ‘n’ roll/soul band Heavy Hinges drop a spirited and meaningful double single.

Cincinnati, Ohio-located rock, soul, and gospel hybrid band Heavy Hinges formed in 2012 under emotional duress, with some members at the time having lost loved ones and coping with the aftermath.

While Heavy Hinges’ music was created during a time of grieving, the resulting songs were full of a celebration of life. It’s that determined and hopeful spirit that informs their output to this day.

The band finds inspiration in traditional American music; vintage field recordings of gospel groups, chain gangs, and working crews that helped shape the nation. Their sound may be rock ‘n’ roll, but at the core they have an old soul filled with gospel and blues attitude.

Rebel Noise is pleased to premiere the new double single from the band; the stirring and emotive “Come Down By The Water” and the a cappella-starting, punk-leaning “Just A Little While.”

Heavy Hinges dig into the meaning of each song, revealing, ““Come Down By The Water” is a lullaby turned rock song initially inspired by an afternoon swim with a small dog. Singer Mayalou Banatwala, in an attempt to coax her beloved Dexter to brave the rushing river water and swim to her, offered up an impromptu ballad, which eventually became this Heavy Hinges staple. Upon hearing her sing, Dexter, although frightened, reluctantly swam into her loving arms. In a more broad sense, this is a song about vulnerability, overcoming fear, and ultimately about the value of trust.”

““Just a Little While” is a song about experiences we share with fleeting strangers. Although we may never meet again, we are able to realize a unique lasting connection. For just a moment, we feel this strange and extraordinary fondness that stays with us and becomes part of our permanent emotional fabric. This song acknowledges the validity of these unconventional bonds and their place and purpose in our lives, despite our inability to neatly categorize them in our minds.”






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