Cleveland hardcore punks Harvey Pekar unleash a raging new single from their upcoming LP.

Cleveland, Ohio-based hardcore punk band Harvey Pekar rattles the rock foundation of their city’s heritage with their passionately intense, dynamically explosive, and lyrically insightful music. They’re part of an active hardcore punk scene that has deep roots in the city (Integrity, 9 Shocks Terror, Dead Boys, more).

Harvey Pekar (named in tribute to the Cleveland comic book writer) will release their third album, Paris Green, on May 17th via Steadfast Records. The LP consists of seven new tracks which were produced and engineered by Ryan Foltz at Cleveland Audio (Dropkick Murphys, Rancid).

Paris Green builds upon the band’s previous albums, 2013’s debut Upward, Not Northward and The Astral We in 2016, while breaking through the hardcore and punk genres’ confines.

Rebel Noise is stoked to be hosting the premiere of “Drag Hesitations”, a restless and raging number from Paris Green. The track heaves heavily and then surprises with sudden lunges and quick sprints all while roiling with thick guitar churn, a lurching bass line, and rapid-fire to pummeling drum beats. Vocalist Nick Kratsas’ potent purged exclamations tear into the vivid lyrics with fiery passion, matching the incendiary burn of the guitars.

Kratsas reveals the meaning of “Drag Hesitations”, stating, “[It] speaks to primal communications between human beings – dances of violence and love. While we commingle to grow and shape one another, we ultimately remain isolated by the limits of our bodies, our mortality, and our need for self preservation.”

“Drag Hesitations” lyrics:

“Wild Blood arranges into rabbling geometry. Immiscible droplets of consciousness that corrode this rare verdant child of Sol. Red velvet breakers that converge to multiply. The last waltz of carnivores— dull fangs parrying hunger. Dancing to the dirge of the soft mirrored moon— starlit machetes. Wild Blood bubbles within closed position, heat of hands held between chests. Steam tragically trapped by gravity. Wild Blood, stranded to dry beneath their sun.”

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Harvey Pekar have been on the road for the past six years, hitting venues across the U.S. and Canada, sharing the stage with bands like Defeater, A Wilhelm Scream, Code Orange, Such Gold, Idles, Birds in Row and Knocked Loose. They’ve also been tapped as one of four recipients of a 2019 Panza Foundation grant.

Harvey Pekar will be touring extensively throughout this summer in support of Paris Green.

Cleveland Record Release show June 1st with Minority Threat, Pillärs, and Heart & Lung:

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