The second installment of our new small business spotlight feature is on Tunes record stores in New Jersey that cater to indie and mainstream music lovers.

It used to be that a record store was *the* place to be – to browse and buy records, sure - but also a place to hang out with your friends, to make new connections, to gab about the latest releases, gigs you attended, and life in general, and to scope out the object(s) of your affection.  The record store was a place to escape to, where you could celebrate your interests and individuality with a diverse array of music-loving kindred spirits.  It was the ultimate club because it had no restrictive rules - Well, except maybe for No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. 

These days the brick and mortar record store is a dying breed due to our digitally-driven, immediate-gratification culture.  Why get off our behinds and drive/bike/walk to a physical location, when from the comfort our own home we can purchase and listen to music and slice ‘n’ dice the album format into bite-size pieces for aural consumption?  Well, maybe because the overarching sensory pleasure that going to a record store gives – from the anticipatory ride to the shop, to the thrill of the hunt, the discovery of hidden treasures in the (worthwhile to someone) trash, and the elation of listening to what you have seen (Yes, the artwork is important!) and felt for the first time.

One of the best record stores in New Jersey that encapsulates this concept is Tunes.  Actually, Tunes is a chain of stores (and an active online site) that caters to indie music-lovers as well as mainstream music purchasers.  Tunes offers an interesting and affordable mix of new and used CDs, vinyl, DVDs, and even videocassette tapes with lots of clearance CDs, DVDs, and tapes to be had for a steal.  The selection range may be eclectic, but the store is usually stocked with the latest indie and popular hits.  If you want to stop in and browse and/or shop and/or listen to cool music playing over the speakers (Last time I visited a live performance of David Bowie was spinning.), check out Tunes at the following locations:

Tunes in Hoboken, NJ - 225 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030  Phone: 201.653.3355

Tunes in Voorhees, NJ - 910 Berlin Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043  Phone: 856.782.3733

Tunes in Marlton, NJ – 910 Greentree Square Rt.73, North Marlton, NJ 08053  Phone: 856.983.2566

Tunes in Northfield, NJ – 1205 Tilton Road (corner of Tilton Rd. and Rt. 9), Northfield, NJ 08225  Phone: 609.241.6932

And the Tunes goodness even extends past New Jersey to Towson, Maryland at 8639 Loch Raven Boulevard, Towson, MD 21286  Phone: 410.663.5720

Check out all the super-cool stuff Tunes has in store, and online, for you!