Turkish garage punk band Reptilians From Andromeda unleash a vivid narrative and performance video.

Turkish rock ‘n’ roll/garage punk band Reptilians From Andromeda continue to excite with their ongoing studio output and live performances. A fixture on Istanbul’s DIY rock scene and actively partaking of the city’s night life, the outfit kick it with a gritty proto-punk/garage rock sound and coolly defiant vocals and image.

Reptilians From Andromeda released their latest record, Bloodlust Of The Doll Witch, this past May via Kafadan Kontak. The EP was mixed and mastered by Fran Ashcroft (The Monos!) and the covert art was designed by Rob Richardson:


“Fake Blondes” is the last single off of the EP and Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of its accompanying video. The clip was created and directed by Gökşin Doğa Egesoy & İstepan Hakverdi.

Reptilians From Andromeda have always had a strong visual presence, from the distinctive graphic design cover art of their records to their assured frontwoman Aybike Celik Ozbey. She’s joined by life partner Tolga Ozbey on guitar as the core of the band, with Kerim Gönencer on bass and Onat Hafız on drums.

In the video, a cadre of fakes blondes unrepentantly paint the town red during the day and nighttime – rifling through and pinching vinyl at a (wow, still standing!) record store, swiping a drink and stopping for a smoke, adding to the city’s graffiti, hanging out at the playground, pilfering a skateboard, and otherwise raising a ruckus.

The song lyrics’ origins actually come from an incident involving Aybike. Tolga recounts, “A drunk tourist girl yelled [out to] her in English, “Fake blondes are walking in the streets”” and Aybike took that situation and ran with it, clapping back on the lyrics, Look… you can think what you want / I don’t care what you think about me / I don’t care what you think about anything actually / Let me kiss you / I can give you kiss of death.”

The misadventures of these fake blondes dovetail neatly into footage of a compelling performance from Reptilians From Andromeda onstage, with Aybike at the forefront, wailing and flailing like someone possessed. The fake blondes end up at the front of the crowd, dancing to the end of the song and tossing off their long blonde wigs.

Reptilians From Andromeda have toured in Europe and will hit the road again this November, performing in Belgium, Holland, and Germany, with a show on November 8th at Wild at Heart in Berlin with US band The Cutthroat Brothers.






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