Heavy rock band Husbandry release an intense performance video for their latest heavy and powerful single.

Brooklyn-based heavy experimental rock band Husbandry released their second full-length album, A Port In The Storm, late last year via Static Era Records. The LP will get a limited edition vinyl release on January 24th.

Ahead of the vinyl arriving via http://staticera.merchnow.com/., Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the intense new performance video of “Ghostload,” a massive track off of A Port In The Storm.

Fans of Tool and Mastodon will find much to admire in this single. The band smash post-hardcore, noise/math-rock, and heavy metal into one potent sonic monster that also hits hard with trenchant lyrics.

A grinding bass line and simmering cymbals ticks set the foreboding tone on “Ghostload”, while slabs of guitar slam through the tricky time-signatures track, building to a whirling conflagration that’s given even more heat by the passionate declarations from lead singer Carina Zachary.

Zachary joined by Jordan Usatch (guitar), Arnau Bosc (bass/vocals) and Andrew Gottlieb (drums), who deliver a powerful storm of sound to navigate through.

In the video the band members go at it full-force in their performance, while a variety of images from TV shows and other found footage fly by. The moving visuals overlap one another and create a dizzying sensation as they pass by the frame, knocking the viewer for a loop, just like the music does to the listener.


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