This raw, introspective single features haunting vocals from lead vocalist Kaitlynn which intertwine with Juliann's plump baselines to create an irresistible blend of nostalgic 80s goth and lo-fi grunge. The song delves into Kaitlynn's personal battles with self-hatred and seasonal depression, delivering a relatable and vulnerable sentiment that invites listeners to connect with her emotional journey. Kaitlynn's introspective lyrics, often rooted in her experience as a trans woman, touch on universal themes of confusion, frustration, and self-acceptance, allowing this record to widely resonate with listeners. 

"Hazy" offers a glimpse into Witch Weather's upcoming self-titled album, set for release on October 13th, 2023. Drawing inspiration from influential bands like Siouxsie and The Banshees, Against Me!, and Depeche Mode, to create this duo's distinctive sound. 


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Why did you choose Hazy as one of the first impressions of the album before it comes out?

It's one of our favorite songs off the album (they're all our favorites actually) and we thought it gave everyone a good idea of what direction we were heading after our first EP. At the same time, it's not so much of a departure that it would be jarring to anyone who heard our earlier music.

Philly has its own vibe and music scene - how has your hometown inspired you as musicians or influenced your mindset surrounding the band?

It's influenced Juliann by making her mad and angry at everyone all the time. There have been potholes in her road since 1952, yet they always seem to be doing construction on them. Witch Weather is calling on the Philadelphia city council to please fix Juliann's roads. Thank you. These emotions really come through in the bass playing of this new album.
Kaitlynn is from Frederick, MD. Not a whole lot was going on there musically until after she left. The few bands that were there were cool as absolute heck though. They actually wound up being some really big musical influences on her.

What songs and artists were you listening to while recording your self-titled album that inspired you?

Siouxsie and the Banshees definitely, and a lot of goth and surf artists just in general. Against Me! and Screaming Females are always a pretty big influence. Really just a lot of surf and goth music generally speaking. Listened to a lot of hardcore as well actually even if that might not totally shine through in the final product, bands like Bad Brains, Refused, G.L.O.S.S., and all kinds of other bands. We really tried to blend our goth and punk influences the best we could.

What is your mission statement as a band?

To make a safe space where queer people like us can feel catharsis, and even if just for a little while, forget the outside world and have fun.
The condensed form of that that we've been saying is "making sad queer music for your sad queer enjoyment".

If you could time travel, would you rather revisit the punk scene of the 80s and 90s or would you stay in present-day?

Present day definitely, the current scenes tend to be way more inclusive and diverse. Plus a lot of the bands who are really working their respective scenes right now are going to be the bands that people go back to in 20-30 and wish that they could've seen in their prime. The current underground music scene is also insane and full of wildly talented and cool artists.

How does fashion play a role in your identity as musicians both on and off stage?

It plays a huge role in both. Our onstage fashion is a more concentrated version of who we are off stage. The way that we wish we could dress all the time but it's... Not always quite appropriate to do so. It's also very much so an extension of our music, like a visual representation of it. And we try our best to do that whether we're on stage performing or doing photo shoots or even if we're existing in everyday normal life.

Once the album comes out, what are your upcoming plans?

Make more albums and go on more tours. We're already planning another EP for next summer and moving forward we're going to be focusing on regularly releasing more music. Recording and performing are two of the few things that bring us so much joy so we don't plan on ever stopping that any time soon.

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