Hardcore is not only about the mosh. Hardcore means punk and punk means attitude. anti-capitalist attitude. And anti-capitalist attitude means DIY. BITTENBYTHEREST was born in 2002 as a simple fanzine of comics, stories, interviews, points of view. Now we're a record label and we own a distro. We produced and will produce only bands that shared with us the will to carry on a radical diy attitude in music as in everyday life. Even if we don't like to use the word "produce". It's better saying WE HELPED releasing bands we shared and share opinions with. We published fanzines and books to show that punk doesn't mean only "tupa tupa", stage diving, ghetto violence, friendship (?) and beer…but culture, collaboration and thoughts too. Our passion is our perseverance, and our perseverance grew up in our compassion.

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