Well, everything began when I was 16 and put up my first show for two local bands I grew up and went to school with. Within a couple of years we were able to get international bands to play our small town and had a lot of fun doing it.

After the first couple of shows I started to write, copy and spread my own fanzine called Fond Of Life Fanzine and after a few issues, I had the chance to do interviews with my favourite bands and was able to talk to label people from all around the globe. Still in high school we had a nice and vital local scene and Fond Of Life was part part of it.

With that background bands invited me to follow them on their tours, do merch for them and help them with my knowledge. It was only natural that one of them asked me to help with the release of their record. And that's when we came up with Fond Of Life Records in 2002. More and more local bands asked for help and after a few releases we were able to work with national and even international bands.

We just recently released our 25th record, we grew to a somewhat recognized small DIY punkrock label and we still love every part of it because we are doing it all for the love of music and the kids in the scene.

We only work with hard-working, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-prejudice bands who support the believes of peace and unity. Therefore the bands we are working with are a close part of our Fond Of Life Family.

I hope you like what we are doing. So feel free to check around our page and support us with your mailorders.

Cheers & take care

joe and the FOL family

High Five Drive, From Plan To Progress

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