Insubordination Records was founded in 1996 by Reggie Silvestri and Pat Kim as a way of releasing Beatnik Termites albums without having to deal with the headache of signing over their lives to a bunch of fly-by-night labels, who, promised sacks of cash, and a surfboard to ride crest of a bitchin’ mid-90 pop-punk wave.

As the wave broke and labels sank (sometime in 1999) Pat and Reggie, decided to hire a manager Chris Thacker; this poor sap must have had a head full of rocks to take on the job. Soon, this part-time gig was consuming all of Chris’ free time. A label for F.U.N. became a J.O.B. Pat and Reggie liked Chris’ work ethic, so much so that they made him Managing Partner—his cries of pain and anguish of that fateful day still haunts the halls of the Insubordination offices. Chris is the go to guy for all of the label’s day-to-day operations: marketing, accounting, web content management, plumbing …

In early 2004, Insubordination Records welcomed Mark Enoch, and his label Knock Knock Records. Knock Knock Records has been releasing high quality records for almost a decade. Mark has helped shape the continued expansion of the label into a full fledged label group, and managed to help the label grow by bringing his considerable catalog of high quality releases and impeccable reputation. In an official capacity Mark manages A&R and ensures quality control over our release.

Insubordination Records occupies a strange place in punk/pop underground. We can’t really put our finger on it. The label is owned by four very different dudes with a singular goal of trying to agree on what to release next. Since the pop underground has a ton of variety, we tend to argue endlessly. This is leads to a lot of meetings that end in at least one owner holding his breath. Luckily, enough of us relent long enough to prevent long-term brain damage.

Insubordination Records has grown and expanded with a goal to release the best pop, power-pop and punk releases from around world. Over next three years Insubordination Records’ catalog doubled and its distribution network to increased from a sporadic set of specialty distributors to a national exclusive.

Dateless, The Adorkables

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