Jump Start Records is an independent record label based out Philadelphia, Pennsylvania run by Jeremy Myers. They began as a punk, ska, and hardcore mailorder distro in 1994 and released their first record in 1996 from the Montreal ska band The Planet Smashers.

Jump Start has released records by A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, Giving Chase, Jena Berlin, Antillectual, One Win Choice, The Planet Smashers, The Kingpins, The Readymen, The Stockyard Stoics, Divide By Zero, M-80[1] and Fonzie, among others.

We're a record label, duh. More specifically, we're an independent record label that for the most part has released punk, hardcore, ska, and reggae records.


We're not a huge label, and more than likely, will never be, and that's just fine with us. We can't make your band "huge", and we're not going to help your band do things like "tour". We release records, that's just about it. We do as much as we can with what we've got, but that ain't much, so if you're looking to be the next big thing, you stopped by the wrong place. We don't care if we sell 100 or 100,000 copies of a record (although we'd like the latter more than the former). If kids like it, cool. If not, We don't give a fuck because we do, and that's why we put out records with bands we like and our friends.

We're slow at mailorder. Believe it or not, we actually have full-time jobs doing something that actually pays the bills because putting our records sure as fuck doesn't.

We're punker than you, so just deal with it.

Yeah, that just about covers it.

One Win Choice, Giving Chase, ASTPAI, Lighten Up, Safety, Crucial Dudes, All Eyes West

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