We at Dying Scene couldn't find a good bio for this label but we did find this blog entry on their myspace page which we thought did a good job of giving you an idea of who they are and what they're about…

We're no longer accepting adds from bands. If you're in a band and want to add Panic Records…send us a message. We'll add you up if we enjoy your band, and we're always down to support the Hardcore and Punk bands. Sometimes, we do enjoy bands that aren't Hardcore or Punk…but honestly…

If you have Screamo listed as a way to describe yourself…GO DIE! WE DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SHITTY HAIR! DON'T ADD US! WE WILL NOT SIGN YOU! Worst fucking music to happen.

With that said…we do welcome new bands that arebands.

The Golden Age, Final Fight, At Half-Mast, Iron Rain, Late Nite Wars, Make Do And Mend, The Anchor Boys, The Saddest Landscape, Lions Lions, Run With The Hunted, Pentimento

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