What started as a small and specialised vinyl record store called Outcast Records becomes one of Europe's most exciting and established labels for Punk Rock. In the year 1999, Andre Bahr finally decided that his time had come to start his own label, the illustriously-titled *I USED TO FUCK PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN PRISON* ... often abbreviated as *PEOPLE LIKE YOU* by those of a sensitive, easily-offended nature.

Being an established part of the scene for years already, it was not difficult for Andre to sign various promising bands to the new label. *PEOPLE LIKE YOU* soon became well-known for delivering high-quality releases from hellishly good bands, accompanied with all the extras you'd expect from such a diehard: terrific layouts, coloured-vinyl LPs pressed on thick wax, and collectible Digipak CDs. 24 hours in a day are often not enough for the hardest-working man in the industry, but luckily Andre has found excellent support at his label with a solid team of music maniacs. These guys don't just sell the lifestyle, they live it!

Later in the label's development, *PEOPLE LIKE YOU* licensed top catalogue titles from some of the best US labels in the genre, and *PEOPLE LIKE YOU* just can't get enough : The amazing roster is full of highly respected bands such as MAD SIN, DEADLINE, THE METEORS, U.S. BOMBS, PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, BROILERS, DEMENTED ARE GO and many, many more. New bands like THE GRIT, FAR FROM FINISHED, MAD MARGE & THE STONECUTTERS, THEE MERRY WIDOWS and others started things off with a bang, and there is definitely a lot more to expect from these bands.

Furthermore, in order to spread its faith all around the world to its fans, *PEOPLE LIKE U* shakes hands with Japanese Punx and Lowlifes and opened a new office in Tokyo to fit the great interest of its audience there. Other offices are also about to be set up in some other parts of the world…

So watch out for the finest in Punk & Rock..n..Roll Underground that *PEOPLE LIKE U* will bring to you in the future - they're going to rock the hell out of you!

*PEOPLE LIKE U* records are about family. Not blood related family, but the *PEOPLE LIKE U* family that you choose in the travels of your life. People and bands who share similar ideals, morals and an unconditional love and support for music and each other. Like any other family *PEOPLE LIKE U* have disagreements and disappointments, but at the end of the day we all know that we’re there for each other no matter what happens.

Over the years the *PEOPLE LIKE U* family has expanded and contracted. Some people or bands have passed on through while others have stayed around and shown their commitment to the *PEOPLE LIKE U* family.

*PEOPLE LIKE U* hopes everyone can be as fortunate as we are. Either way, *PEOPLE LIKE U* had love for you to come along for the ride. There’s always room in the *PEOPLE LIKE U* family for those whose hearts and souls are true.

Total Chaos, Rat City Riot, Frontkick, Face To Face, Deadline, The Grit, The Peacocks, 2nd District, Peter Pan Speedrock, Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The Adicts, Texas Terri Bomb, Demented Are Go, The Deep Eynde, The Black Halos, Deadly Sins, Chip Hanna, Mad Sin, Frenzy, SS-Kaliert, Blitzkid

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