Average Joey’s ‘Impermanence’: A Sonic Bliss Blending Folk and Punk, Confronting Darkness with Poetic Redemption Average Joey
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Average Joey, the wandering troubadour of DIY folk and punk, invites listeners on a transformative journey with “Impermanence,” a genre-blending album tackling dark themes while insisting on redemption, appealing to fans of World Inferno Friendship Society and Timbre Timbre.

In the dimly lit corners of the DIY folk and punk circuit, where the raw energy of rebellion and the subtle nuance of storytelling collide, you'll find Average Joey, a wandering troubadour with a banjo in one hand and a poetic manifesto in the other. For nearly a decade, Joey has been crisscrossing the musical landscape, leaving behind a trail of lyrically clever tunes and a fervent call to action.

Picture this: a live performance where the crowd swings partners to the rhythm of ragtime string band music, yet, within the same set, Joey seamlessly transitions to punk rock banjo, inviting the audience to join him in envisioning a better world. The stage is a canvas, and Joey paints it with a mixture of cheeky country tunes, heartfelt folk ballads, and a dose of wry humor that cuts through the mundane.

But there's more to Average Joey than the foot-stomping, partner-swinging revelry. Enter "Impermanence," Joey's latest album that takes the listener on a sonic journey through the darkest corners of humanity. The banjo-driven folk takes a backseat to a dark, theatrical, and whimsical orchestral sound, where the piano becomes Joey's weapon of choice. The tracks on "Impermanence" are a musical kaleidoscope, ranging from high-energy punk and metal breakdowns to the haunting wail of a jazzy trumpet and the eerie whispers of freaky synths.

Conceptually, the album fearlessly tackles weighty issues, from climate disaster to religion, and from the inevitability of death to the radical insistence on maintaining hope. Each song plunges the listener into the depths of hopelessness, guides them through acceptance, and ultimately challenges them to find meaning in the face of our seemingly futile existence.

For those who find solace in the sonic realms of World Inferno Friendship Society, the haunting melodies of Timbre Timbre, or the darkly poetic stylings of Amigo the Devil, Average Joey emerges as a kindred spirit. It's a musical journey where vulnerability meets metaphor, and redemption insists on making a stand against impending doom.

So, if you're a fan of the eclectic sounds of Holy Locust, the experimental genius of San Fermin, or the industrial intensity of Nine Inch Nails, Average Joey beckons you to join the caravan. Take a leap into the uncharted territories of his lyrical labyrinth, where every note is a step towards a better world—one banjo pluck at a time.

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