Album Review
Broken Heroes|Weekend Warriors
Label: Street Anthem Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
Pennsylvania Streetpunk (The Weekend Warriors) teams up with New Jersey Oi! punks (Broken Heroes) to create the ultimate American punk party. You get 12 blistering tracks of pure and relentless punk rock barnstorming. Both bands capture the spirit of the genre, the intensity of American rock n' roll and the audacity of professional beer drinking. I was asked to pick the better of the two. I can't do that. Though they are similar in style, they each have it's own niche and sound that makes each a unique band in its own. I just consider this a party sampler of two great bands that play music on its own terms. Lets get this party started quickly. A feast for the inebriated...

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