Album Review
Agitators, The
Label: Street Anthem Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
This Belgium based Streetpunk band follows along in the tradition of bands like The Business and Oxymoron. Faced paced punk fun with a flair for the criminal element. Aggressive with a loose edge ensures that this band will deliver the goods in its bar room banter style that will keep the listener both drinking and thinking. Although the content of the lyrics are all similar Streetpunk themes (drinking, football, fighting, politics), the humor in the way they are told keeps them refreshing. "Saturday Night" is a gem of rocker that spins the tale of a self proclaimed party looser who's goal is to keep the party going to the end while laughing at the mindless high-brow suits who think the have the life. In the end, he flies from his own personal rooftop to his demise, but I believe he goes out with a smile on his face. I would seek this puppy out. This is destined to join the ranks of punk classics.

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