Brooklyn’s Queer Indie Pop Darlings Strawberry Launch Release New Single “Ready Yet” Strawberry Launch
Label: Trash Casual Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Brooklyn’s Strawberry Launch bring us the first in a series of new singles with indie pop gem “Ready Yet”

NYCs favorite indie pop band is out with a brand new single about the fear of getting older. Dropped everywhere April 19th, this nostalgic and sweet rock ballad shares the familiar anxiety of losing one's purpose and clinging to the small moments of early life, while easing into the waters of adulthood. Though growing older is definite, the transition into true adulthood can feel jarring and unsettling, as "Ready Yet" perfectly describes. "Everyone talks about “coming of age” and romanticizing youth, but no one talks about how scary change is in your twenties when you're left to your own devices" says keyboardist Taylor Hurt.

They also released a music video (more of a visual video) for the single. Its cute and kitschy film design is reminiscent of home movies from childhood, as the band walks around Prospect Park to have a picnic in the spring sun. "Ready Yet" is a timestamp in Strawberry Launch's story - as all the members of SL are experiencing their first years of post-college adulthood together. Established in 2018, the members of Strawberry Launch were all students, hanging out and playing local shows together but their dreams for the band and their musical careers have only grown stronger as the years go by and they all graduated.

The biggest shock was the changes going on in their friends and families lives. Suddenly their buddies are buying homes, getting married and switching career paths. Navigating who they are and what they think they should be is a daunting task. "I feel like I’m still learning and growing with myself everyday and I wanted to write about the anxiety it gives me to compare my life trajectory to those closest to me" says lead singer, Riiza. Strawberry Launch creates a friendly vibe through their warm guitar and bubbly synth sounds, with some bird calls hiding in the background of the bridge, just like the ones you hear on your way to school in the suburbs. Truth drives a knife through the second verse as SL shouts "I might live this life alone!!" Stream “Ready Yet” everywhere April 19th.

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