Face Melting Hardcore From Leeds UK, Meet The Reflecting Skin The Reflecting Skin
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Reflecting Skin have a lofi hardcore aesthetic that emotes intensity and energy through their brief new effort titled “II”

The Reflecting Skin is a brutal face melting noisy hardcore band from Leeds. This band’s short EP is a workout to listen to, it’s furious and lofi but pulls you in immediately with it’s homemade quality. It’s like you are standing in a basement with the band as they are playing these songs to a small engaged audience. Songs like “Grimace” change speeds and seem like they are being written as we listen but in a really good and exciting way. Feedback blares on every track just making interesting textures that paint the introduction and end of every track.

Tracks like “Irreversible” have a charm like 80’s hardcore, mostly because the poor recording quality actually adds to the aesthetic. It sounds like everything is possibly recorded through one microphone and honestly it perfectly fits the music. There is a level of clarity though as all the instruments are presented in the correct EQ range but they definitely bleed into every crevasse  of the sonic spectrum. Like for a simplistic band that sounds like a trio (not sure, as not much info was provided) they sound massive. I have listened to their short 3 song EP at least 6 times now and it gets more interesting upon each listen. Songs like “Loose Hiss” are just chaotic and seem to have a layer of intense feedback squeaking above everything as the song just breaks into a sped up punk hardcore masterpiece. The vocals at times sound like they are coming out of a cheap PA system with the gain up way too much and that fake reverb that all those have on them and it absolutely is the cherry on top of the perfect sound for this band.

I like that the only thing I know about these guys is they are named after a horror movie that I never heard of until now. This is legit a band I’d be in the front row for and if these ever take a trip to play Bushwick or some place close I am betting every scenester will be on board with this bands intense delivery and overall vibe! Please please, put this on a 7 inch, I want one!

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