Minneapolis Band Loki’s Folly Continue In The Footsteps of Riot Grrl Greats! Loki's Folly
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Loki’s Folly is exciting fans all over Minneapolis including some big names, with their exciting brand of Punky Indie Rock

I know if when I was a teenager that if I tried to start a band with my siblings I’d have killed one of them. However, unlike the famous Oasis brothers, sisters Nissa and Annie along with brother Oskar have started one of the most fun bands I have heard in a while. Touting themselves as being in the vein of The Linda Lindas, I think these kids blow them out of the water. It seems some of Minneapolis musical royalty like Soul Asylum, Haley, Gramma’s Boyfriend and The Melismatics are all fans of the young band as well.

This band has lots of Bikini Kill in their sound but mixed with a wider variety of genre’s from punk to the broad term Indie Rock. The band actually reminds me a lot of the early 90’s Seattle sound like 7 Year Bitch & The Slits, maybe even a little bit of classic GoGo’s when they were punk and even some X-Ray Specs as I definitely hear a Poly Styrene quality in some of the vocals. These ladies are pretty young so maybe they never heard of half of what I’m saying they sound like and if it’s an accidental coincidence then it’s a great one.

The bands current single  “Beaches and Peaches” they say came about as “goofing off during a practice session trying to rhyme different fruits and vegetables while slowly intermixing stronger feelings and some humor into the anxiety over things like climate change, politics and where humanity will be in the next number of years,".

Overall this record sounds so authentic and amazing. It’s the kind of thing you can listen to a hundred times as the rawness of it all is going to be engaging for audiences of all ages who are into high energy punky indie rock. I hear some Nirvana influence as well on tracks like “Poison Heart” where Nissa lets uncontrolled screams as she tries to carry the melody. Then on the next track “Don’t Come Back” it’s more of a controlled intentional more indie pop song in the vein of The Beths. Another contemporary I’d say is similar is the band Hannah’s Little Sister. They’d make a good touring duo. Can’t say enough good things about ‘Sisu’, it’s something definitely worth checking out!

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