For Closure’s Emotional Resonance Shines in New Single “Moon at Noon” For Closure
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

For Closure, the LA punk/power-pop band led by frontman Gizz Lazlo, unveils the emotionally charged single “Moon at Noon,” inspired by singer Lazlo’s father’s health crisis, showcasing the band’s authentic and resilient musical approach.

Los Angeles-based punk/power-pop band For Closure has unveiled their latest single, "Moon at Noon," a poignant track that transcends genres and delves into the depths of personal experience. Frontman Gizz Lazlo, known for his contributions to iconic bands like Dr. Know and U.K. Subs, opens up about the emotional genesis of the song, revealing that it was written during a tumultuous period when his father suffered a major heart attack.

The single captures the raw vulnerability of Lazlo's emotions during those trying times. The lyrics, born out of a need to calm his nerves while his father lay in a coma, reflect a sense of introspection and a longing for hope. Lazlo's collaboration with Luis Estefania (F.Y.P., Rhythm Collision) adds a unique dynamic to the song, showcasing the duo's willingness to explore uncharted musical territories.

Lazlo recounts the genesis of "Moon at Noon," describing how the lyrics seamlessly melded with the music provided by Luis. The result is a captivating blend of power-pop and punk, marked by Lazlo's emotive vocals and a guitar solo guest appearance by Mike Williamson from L.A.-based band Jr. Juggernaut.

The song's lyrics, born out of personal trauma, reflect a broader theme in For Closure's recent work. Lazlo and Estefania, having weathered the storms of life, are unapologetically authentic in their songwriting. The band's ethos is clear – if they like a song, they'll record it, regardless of societal expectations.

For Closure's upcoming shows in the LA area, including performances at Sardine, Redwood Bar, and Supply & Demand, provide fans with the opportunity to experience their compelling sound live. The band, originally conceived as a farewell project, has evolved into a dynamic musical collective with a promising future.

As they transition from the studio to the stage, For Closure's debut full-length album, slated for release in 2024, promises to be a testament to their resilience and musical prowess. With Lazlo's powerful vocals leading the way and a seasoned lineup supporting him, For Closure's grand opening is a chapter fans won't want to miss.

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