In case you missed it: Monad by Dutch doom-noise trio Farer Farer
Reviewed by Damon

A difficult, hungering debut

Farer debuted last fall with Monad: four songs—exercises, really—of droning grinds of blistering, drilling bass; thunder-and-lightning drums; feedback; and throat-herniating, injurious shrieks that are more primal scream therapy than performance.

The doom-noise trio (two bass players and a drummer) started as MENHIR in 2013 but changed the name to Farer in 2019 after recording this debut. The intensity in these four tracks carries on for 12 to 14 minutes at a time, and this prolonged length can recast the intensity as a drone effect.

This Dutch band is working out a sound. What they have so far is grim and brutal, all right.

Monad was released in November 2020 through Aesthetic Death and Tartarus Records. On September 24th, it will be available as a limited edition clear and black marbled-color double-LP housed in a heavy gatefold.

“Each sate sullenly apart, gorging himself in gloom.” - Lord Byron

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