Philly’s Riverside Odds Bring Blessings From The Devil and Other Punk Gems On New LP Riverside Odds
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Philly’s Riverside Odds are traditional punk rock: loud, crass and kick ass as they roll through over a dozen punk anthems on their newest LP.

Riverside Odds offer up good old punk rock in the vein of The Meatmen on "Punching Above Our Weight"  which came out on March 10th. The band says on the new album they are “Embracing both the light and dark sides of human nature, the band explores themes of indulgence, vengeance and
celebration.” The band has been around for about a decade so they are no strangers to punk rock as they have toured the US and signed to Altercation Records. The band keeping to their punk rock roots aren’t really pushing their music on streaming services and instead are focusing on trying to sell physical copies of their newest release. Currently the single is “Blessings From The Devil” appears to be the only track available on streaming services.

The band once again is embarking on an ambitious tour playing almost every day of March around the East Coast. The single “Blessings From The Devil” has a very Offspring inspired opening riff but vocally and lyrically this is anything but. This is more like the Misfits meet NOFX with a very Dicky Barrett sounding vocal. II mean, as a fan of the Devil myself how could you help but not love this song. Other lyrical gems include one of my personal favorite sayings “Fuck Around And Find Out” is riddled with life advice for anyone who, well, wants to fuck around and find out. There's no shortage of fun tracks like the tribute to everyone's favorite dive bar drink "Well Whiskey". It's like the anthem of every dirty bar that throws punk rock shows. 

This band seems like in every town there are going to be where the party is at so check out the tour dates below and be sure to bring drugs, booze and punk rock enthusiasm.

Tour dates:
3/2/23: York, PA / The Kennel at West York Inn
3/3/23: Swarthmore, PA / War3house 3
3/4/23: Washington DC / Slash Run
3/5/23: Hagerstown, MD / Hub City Vinyl
3/7/23: Charlotte, NC / Skylark Social Club
3/8/23: Richmond, VA / Banditos
3/9/23: Charleston, SC / Tin Roof
3/10/23: Piedmont, SC / Tribble’s
3/11/23: Wilmington, NC / Reggies 42nd Street
3/12/23: Jacksonville, FL / Rain Dogs
3/14/23: Chesapeake, VA / Riffhouse Pub
3/15/23: Baltimore, MD / The Depot
3/16/23: Pittsburgh, PA / Ruggers
3/17/23: Youngstown, OH / Westside Bowl
3/18/23: Cleveland, OH / The 5 ‘O’ Clock
3/22/23: Wilmington, DE / Bar XIII
3/24/23: New York, NY / Otto's Shrunken Head
4/20/23: Scranton, PA / Keystone Stage
4/26/23: Winston Salem, NC / Monstercade
4/27/23: Chesapeake, VA / Riffhouse Pub
4/28/23: Bethlehem, PA / Sokols
4/29/23: North Wales, PA / North Penn Social Club

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