Queer Tweemo-Pop Alchemy: Everyone Asked About You’s Nostalgic Resurgence Everyone Asked About You
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Emerging from Little Rock’s musical crucible, Everyone Asked About You blends twee-pop nostalgia with raw emo passion, evoking the beauty and pain of adolescence in their signature sound, as they prepare to release a remastered anthology and grace the stage once again.

In the heartland of Little Rock, Arkansas, where the rivers of nostalgia flow and the ghosts of teenage angst linger, a unique musical alchemy unfolded. It was here that the ethereal strains of twee-pop and the raw passion of emo rock merged to give birth to the enigmatic ensemble known as Everyone Asked About You. Formed by a tight-knit group of high school comrades, the band's essence was distilled in the camaraderie of Collins Kilgore, Chris Sheppard, Lee Buford, and the hauntingly evocative vocals of Hannah Vogan. Later additions, drummer Matt Bradley and synth sorcerer John Beachboard, crystallized the quintet's ethereal equation.

Stepping into the shadowy chambers of the '90s, Everyone Asked About You's '97 EP, aptly titled "Everyone Asked About You," summoned forth a symphony that resonates with both the innocence and agony of adolescence. It's a sonic time capsule where the dulcet melodies intertwine with imperfect vocal cadences, echoing the hallowed spirit of punk's golden era. Hannah Vogan emerges as the sonic avatar of twee-pop, her vocal timbre inflected with the nuances of a broken heart, akin to the delicate notes of a slightly out-of-tune instrument. In the ethereal ballad "Me Vs. You," Vogan's voice recounts a bittersweet romance, every note a brushstroke on the canvas of a shared past: "Haloed by the light at the lamplight, just between me and you, I think I’m in love with you." The result is an encapsulation of the raw ardor and vulnerability that accompanies young love.

Fast-forwarding to the present, their 2023 single "Sometimes My Memory Fails Me Sometimes" showcases the band's evolution in exquisite detail. A veritable tapestry of sonic subtleties is woven into this four-minute opus, culminating in an ambient keyboard tapestry that unfurls like a midsummer night's dream. The lyrics, a mantra of introspection, become a hypnotic chant as they weave in and out, finding culmination in a percussive crescendo that speaks of transformation and shifting emotions. Vogan's voice undergoes a metamorphosis, shifting from questioning to indifference, marked by a shimmering synth crescendo that cascades into a cascade of drum beats and grungy guitars.

In the era of their resurgence, the iconoclastic Every Asked About You finds itself receiving overdue recognition. The Numero Group, meticulous curator of musical relics, is preparing to release a remastered anthology titled "Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts." Within its grooves lies the precious cargo of their sonic journey—ranging from the 1997 self-titled EP to the '99 release "Let's Be Enemies." This anthology is a testament to the band's pivotal role as a bridge between the emo enclaves of the Midwest and the ethereal resonance of the Moog synthesizer. With a 20-page booklet, brimming with flyers, photos, lyrics, and an expansive essay, the anthology becomes more than just a collection of songs; it is a historical testament to a sonic pilgrimage.

The future beckons anew for Everyone Asked About You, with a pair of much-anticipated shows slated at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on September 8th and 9th, 2023. As the echoes of their once-buried melodies reverberate through these hallowed halls, a new chapter unfolds for a band whose legacy is as ineffable as the fleeting emotions of youth. In the twilight of retrospection and the dawn of renaissance, Everyone Asked About You's harmonies continue to echo in the hearts of those who seek solace and revelation within the bounds of their sonic tapestry.

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