Two-Man Giant Squid: Brooklyn’s Post-Punk Phenoms Unleash Epic LP Two-Man Giant Squid
Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Rising stars of Brooklyn’s post-punk scene, Two-Man Giant Squid are set to release their electrifying debut album “Intro to Basement,” capturing audiences with their diverse musical landscape and captivating live energy.

The rising stars of Brooklyn's post-punk scene, Two-Man Giant Squid, have released their electrifying debut album, "Intro to Basement." Fronted by the enigmatic Mitch Vinokur, the band has rapidly ascended from basement shows to signing with Mint 400 Records and headlining iconic NYC venues like Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery and on August 31st at Baby’s Alright.

Their debut EP, under the same moniker, earned the title of EP of the Year in 2022, capturing the attention of WFUV's Sam Sumpter. Since then, Two-Man Giant Squid has become a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences and critics alike.

"Intro to Basement" pays homage to their DIY roots, presenting a diverse musical landscape that moves effortlessly from dance-punk eruptions to emotionally charged climaxes. The lead track, "The Opposite," sets the tone with a dance-rock frenzy, making them the party band of choice for a new generation of city kids. Early releases like "Progress" and "Cold Fingers" have already earned praise from The Cage, Illustrate Magazine, Radio Brooklyn, and IDIOTEQ.

Other publications have hailed Two-Man Giant Squid as "a breath of fresh air," infusing their music with wit and personality, while The Cage praises their captivating live energy. Illustrate Magazine applauds "Progress" as a vibrant punk blitz with satirical charm.

Mitch Vinokur, the bands leader, revealed that " This is the first album I recorded with the element of playing live in mind. Our first release was something that I just put out there not expecting it to get scooped up by anyone. Then I needed to find a band and teach it to them and everything. For this album, it was the first time I was writing music that I knew would be played to a crowd. I think you can tell in the songwriting. There are moments that make you want to bounce or scream or just freak out.”

Anticipation for Two-Man Giant Squid's debut album reached fever pitch but it's finally here. Their unparalleled stage presence and unwavering commitment to their craft suggest they are poised to be on the tips of everyone’s tongue on the post-punk landscape in the NYC area. Brace yourself for the tidal wave of sound and emotion, as Two-Man Giant Squid unleashes their mesmerizing debut, ready to redefine modern punk and ignite the buzz they've been cultivating over the past year.



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