San Francisco Punk Rockers Tess & The Details Unleash Gritty Punk Manifesto with ‘Runaway’ Album Tess & The Details
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

San Francisco punk rockers Tess & The Details are set to ignite the rebellious spirit with their upcoming album “Runaway,” a gritty, character-driven punk manifesto full of anthemic tracks and dark, witty narratives, ready to captivate listeners with its unrelenting energy.

In the heart of San Francisco's underground music scene, where the spirit of rebellion still burns bright, Tess & The Details are gearing up to unleash their latest sonic assault. Set to drop on November 14th via Double Helix Records, their upcoming album, "Runaway," promises to be a blazing testament to the enduring power of punk rock. As I delve into the gritty, insurgent soundscape of this West Coast outfit, I can't help but feel the echoes of punk's past, a reminder that the spirit of defiance and nonconformity lives on.

The album kicks off with the roaring anthem "Blondie's Gonna Die," a track that immediately grabs your attention with its buzzsaw guitars and Tess's self-assured vocals. With a defiant stance, she belts out, "When they told me I was crazy, I should've listened," setting the tone for the album's anti-establishment fervor. Following suit are "Canary" and the eponymous "Runaway," each carrying its own distinctive punk-rock punch reminiscent of Green Day and No Doubt.

What sets "Runaway" apart is its commitment to storytelling. Tess & The Details are not content with merely crafting catchy tunes; they're weaving dark and witty narratives through their music. Tracks like "Saint of Purgatory" and "Johnny" exemplify this approach, allowing listeners to traverse the alleyways of life through the eyes of vividly drawn characters. In "Mania," the band takes on the topic of mental torture with a melodic touch, revealing the duality of human existence.

Tess Stevens, the charismatic lead singer and rhythm guitarist, along with her bandmates Gideon Berger (drums), Dustin Galecki (lead guitar), and Lawrence Hood (bass), are a formidable force. Together, they've concocted a heady brew of punk sensibility and lyrical depth, resulting in a sonic journey that's bound to captivate audiences.

With a candid and straightforward ethos, Tess sums up their mission: "We just want to make great songs and see people going nuts to them when we play live. It's really pretty simple - 'Runaway' is just the start of what we hope will be a really good time."

"Runaway" was crafted at ModernTone Studios in Lafayette, CA, and helmed by producer Jacob Light, who has worked with luminaries like Michael Patrick Murphy and Tom Rican. The album is a testament to the band's relentless pursuit of sonic perfection and their commitment to carrying the punk rock torch into the future.

So, brace yourself, dear reader, for Tess & The Details are on the brink of unleashing a sonic tempest with "Runaway." Prepare to be swept away by their anthems of defiance, catchy melodies, and tales of the human condition, all delivered with a raw energy that harkens back to the golden era of punk. November 14th can't come soon enough, as we eagerly await the release of this musical manifesto. In the meantime, crank up the volume and let Tess & The Details provide the soundtrack to your rebellion.

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