The Corps Unleash Punk Fury with Live Video for ‘Mockingbird’ and First European Tour Announcement The Corps
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Vancouver’s The Corps releases a high-octane live video for “Mockingbird” and announces their first European tour, showcasing their punk prowess with the ‘From Oblivion’ EP.

In the gritty streets of Vancouver, where the rain-soaked pavement echoes with the ghosts of punk rock legends, emerges a band that's been steadily carving its own rebellious path through the underground. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to The Corps – the Melodic Punk Rock maestros from the Great White North. These Canucks have recently dropped a live video for their frenetic anthem, "Mockingbird," and the news doesn't end there. Brace yourselves, Europe, because The Corps is gearing up for their first European tour, joined by labelmates Blacked Out.

The Corps have always been a class above, a little under the radar perhaps, but their latest offering, "From Oblivion," unequivocally showcases their mastery. This isn't your run-of-the-mill punk; this is a maelstrom of sonic rebellion that shakes the very foundations of punk rock. "Mockingbird," filmed at the legendary Rickshaw Theatre in February 2023, is a high-octane rollercoaster that jolts your senses and leaves you gasping for more.

Searing octave chords cut through the air like a chainsaw, driving the song's desperate, confused narrative. "Mockingbird" is about finding your footing on unstable ground, a theme that resonates with anyone who's ever felt the world crumbling beneath their feet.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. The Corps is packing their bags and heading across the pond for their very first European tour, and they're bringing labelmates Blacked Out along for the ride. It's a punk rock extravaganza that's set to ignite stages from London to Berlin. Fans of Lagwagon, Propagandhi, and No Use For A Name, this is your moment.

"From Oblivion" isn't just an EP; it's a sonic manifesto, a statement of intent from Vancouver's punk veterans. These six tracks will transport you from despair to hope at breakneck speed. Produced by the legendary Tim Creviston, known for his work with Spiritbox, Misery Signals, and Rest Easy, this EP is a relentless barrage of high-speed skatepunk riffs that defy gravity.

Since their debut in 2015, The Corps have been fusing their love for '90s skatepunk with a passion for comic books. Their irreverent, larger-than-life storytelling tackles real-world issues, giving voice to the disenfranchised and the disheartened.

With "From Oblivion" now available on Thousand Islands Records, The Corps are poised to conquer the world, one stage at a time. So, my friends, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride through the punk-rock universe with The Corps leading the way. Europe, are you ready for the storm that's about to hit your shores? You better be. The Corps is coming, and they're bringing the fury of "Mockingbird" with them.

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