Album Review
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Andre Lozoya

Fuck yeah! Finally after three years of no new Dwarves, we have a winner! Fuck Blink, Charolette, Green Day, Queens of the Stone Age, Epitaph and all those kiss ass bands/labels with no soul! The Dwarves should be on MTV gang raping the VJ and showing the American audience what real rock n'roll is. But most Americans are lame ass conformists who vote for idiotic buffons from Texas and probably wouldn't get the joke anyway. And even the kids don't get these guys either. I witnessed a show where the Dwarves played with some (at the time) popular Epitaph band and the mostly young audience totally ignored them. I was astonished: the Dwarves ignored by the kids! Fuck 'em, I'm going to Canada!

But back to the CD...

The Dwarves show they know what they are doing with their musical pallet widening on this release: Industrial, Punk, Surf, Rap, Pop and even Choral music are in strong evidence. But one thing wraps this CD in one coherent package and it's Blag the Ripper's (singer) evil genius lyricism. You wont find a smarter, more twisted sense of humor in rock n' roll today. That is a guarantee! Go ahead and try, pussy! "The childish defiling the mild and we know that it's making you smile."


Stand out songs from the CD are Salt Lake City, Bleed On, Chris on a Mic.

So go out and get it from the store, online or from iTunes where I found it for $9.99 (much to my amazement).

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