The Vaxxines Are Ready to Kick Your Ass With Their Anthemic New 7” The Vaxxines
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

The Vaxxines mix everything good about punk rock from Black Flag to The Distillers on their amazing new 7” Record!

The Vaxxines are a really fun punk rock band with bite. The production comes off very modern as everything is loud and has a tremendous amount of clarity to it unlike a lot of the punk albums by similar bands like The Germs and Black Flag. These guys have very unique mix of old school Minor Threat & Black Flag meets modern themes and production kind of like The Distillers.

The band is filled with a bunch of music veterans who have been around the block. Their former band The Pathogens had members of Tilt and Blatz, Econochrist and more. As Covid did with many bands, members moved away and the remaining members regrouped with some added faces and formed The Vaxxines. What’s really interesting is this band in 2019, the year before a global pandemic, had a song called “I Wanna Be In Quarantine”. How prophetic is that? How lucky is that for the person who wrote that? Having such an absurd wish come through. Well it’s clear to see why they maybe held off on not releasing the song during the Covid era.

Their new 7” is a full epic punk EP, this is the kind of thing years ago you’d hope for, a band giving you a full release on a 7” record because it was cheaper than buying a 12” LP. It literally takes about 8 minutes to get through the entire thing and every second is filled with great punk rock in the vein of Rancid and other early 90’s punk rock groups that had that harder edge to them. As the band states in their brief bio, it’s loud punk rock anthems from California, and with this release you get just that. The California punk rock sound mixed with loud anthemic group vocals. Every track is great. The opening bars of “Suits” starts with a familiar descending guitar line as it harkens back directly to Black Flag’s “Rise Above” as the song then bursts into a similar raucous vibe. I mean with song titles like “Drink Beer Destroy”, what else could you want from a punk band? I’m on board, sign me up and take my money! BUY THE 7”!

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